What is Mixed Reality

constructXR’s Research and Development programme will deliver Mixed Reality technology on live construction sites across the East of England.

The technology allows workers to interact with three-dimensional structures in real-time through the use of a headset, providing a visualization of the finished project.

With Mixed Reality, Holographic information can be overlaid onto the users current view of the space they are in, providing a mixture of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

This gives impression that the 3d models and information are appearing in real time within the space. The 3d models can be explored and in the case of Hololens 2 the holograms can also be interacted with via hand tracking. The Hololens 2 headsets that XLwerks use are not connected a computer via a cable, providing opportunities for cross-collaboration within different phases of a construction project​

The Hololens 2 is a stand alone un-tethered (no cables) visor headset made from carbon fibre and high impact poly-carbonate visor protecting the cutting edge Holographic Lens. Inside the carbon fibre visor housing are the cutting edge laser displays and Holographic Display Units. Along the top of the visor are mounted 5 cameras, four orientation cameras and one HD camera for video and communication. Spatial mapping cameras are mounted just below the central HD camera and allow for environment scanning and hand tracking.

Holograms are created by the laser displays projecting into the two lenses which are precision made to allow for specific control refraction of the light within them which creates the holographic images experienced by the users.

Interaction with the holograms is via your hands. There are no paddles or sticks to be held, it is completely hands free. And yes you can touch, move and interact with the holograms.